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Whether you are looking to revamp a single room or planning a full-house transformation, no project is too big or small.

Paint By Room


Begin Your Home's Transformation Journey with Paint By Room Services

Welcome to Vivid Lux Painting, your premier Toronto painting company. We understand the emotion, excitement, and anticipation associated with home transformation. As professional painters dedicated to proficiency, respect, and honesty, we take pride in delivering top-quality, budget-conscious solutions tailored to your needs.

Our paint by room services offer an opportunity to breathe new life into every corner of your home. Each room tells its own unique story, and our expert painters are passionate about transforming these spaces with our extensive colour palette and unmatched expertise.

More than a Toronto Painting Company: We are Your Transformation Partners

At Vivid Lux Painting, we understand the importance of a home – it’s not just a place, it’s a feeling. That’s why our professional painters are not just experienced and proficient in their craft, but they also excel in respect, adaptability, communication, and attention to detail. We are quick, thorough, and always attentive to your budget and unique requirements. Our core values ensure we deliver exceptional services while anticipating your every need for a smooth home transformation journey.

Detailed Guide to Room-Specific Paint Selection

When selecting paint for each room, there are multiple factors to consider, including color, sheen, and paint type. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make informed decisions for each room:

RoomPaint TypePaint SheenColor & Tone Suggestions
KitchenSemi-gloss or High-glossResistant to moisture and easy to cleanOpt for warm and inviting colors like creams, yellows, light greys, or soft blues
Living Satin or EggshellOffers a low, attractive sheen and is easy to cleanConsider earth tones, beiges, light greys, or subtle pastels for a soothing and welcoming atmosphere
Dining Satin or Semi-glossEasy to clean and offers a moderate reflective sheenDark blues, deep reds, or rich greens can add a touch of elegance
BedroomFlat or MatteOffers a non-reflective appearance and hides minor surface imperfectionsLight blues, lavenders, or earthy greens are excellent choices for a calming and serene environment
BathroomSemi-gloss or High-glossExcellent resistance to moisture and easy-to-clean surfaceConsider light blues, soft greys, or pastel greens for a clean and refreshing look
Kids’ Satin or Semi-glossStands up to cleaning and has a pleasing, moderate sheenBright and cheerful colors like blues, pinks, greens, or purples stimulate creativity and energy
NurseryFlat or EggshellLow sheen, easy to touch up, and doesn’t highlight imperfectionsPastel hues like soft blues, pinks, or yellows create a soothing and peaceful ambiance
OfficeFlat, Eggshell, or SatinLow to medium sheen with good durabilityBlues and greens can enhance productivity, while neutrals help maintain focus
RecSatinOffers a smooth, subtly glossy look and is easy to cleanBright and energetic colors can invigorate the space, think bold reds, blues, or greens
BasementSemi-gloss or SatinOffers durability and a subtle sheenOpt for light colors like whites, creams, or light greys to make the space appear larger and brighter

Remember, these are general recommendations. Your final choice should reflect your personal style and the function of the room. Feel free to discuss your preferences during our initial consultation, and our experts will help guide you towards the best decision for each room.

Our Detailed Painting Process

We respect your space. Before we begin, we take measures to protect your furniture and flooring, ensuring nothing but your walls feel the impact of our work. We understand the importance of creating a clean, secure environment, which is essential for a superior, hassle-free painting experience.

Through our meticulous cleaning process, we underscore the importance of a perfectly prepared surface. We remove old paint, dust, and grime, making way for a flawless paint application. This step, often overlooked by many professionals, is paramount in our process.

Every flaw is an opportunity for improvement. With the robust base created by our thorough cleaning, we repair and prime each surface, turning negatives into positives. This vital step, building on our meticulous preparation, sets the stage for a vibrant transformation and an impeccable, durable finish. We’re not just painting walls, we’re bringing your space to life.

Our careful application of premium paint subtly amplifies the results of our thorough preparation. Each brushstroke is a testament to our quality-oriented approach and attention to detail. Embodying our core values, we transform your interiors into vibrant, captivating spaces where every inch sings with excellence and sophistication.

As we began with a clean slate, we conclude with a polished finish. Our inspection and cleanup process leaves your space immaculate, showcasing our dedication to perfection and detail.

Colouring Your World, Room by Room with Vivid Lux Painting - Serving Greater Toronto and Beyond

From the quiet, tree-lined avenues of Vaughan and the classic residences of Richmond Hill, to the bustling, vibrant condos of downtown Toronto and beyond, Vivid Lux Painting’s Paint By Room Painting Services have transformed ordinary living spaces into extraordinary personal retreats. Our paintbrushes have enhanced the charm of historic Mississauga homes, added a touch of elegance to Brampton residences, and infused personality into Oakville townhouses.

We’ve brought dreams to life in Markham, while elevating home aesthetics in Scarborough, Newmarket, and Ajax. Down in Pickering, up in Aurora, across Whitby, and throughout Burlington, our dedication to delivering personalized painting experiences remains unwavering.

Creating art, room by room, we don’t just paint walls but bring your vision to life, giving every space a unique story to tell. Our goal is not just to provide painting services but to create personalized experiences that reflect your individual tastes and lifestyle. Every room we paint is a chapter in the grand narrative of your home – a story of transformation, growth, and individuality.

As we navigate the exciting journey of home transformation across the Greater Toronto Area and these flourishing cities, our dedicated team of professional painters remains steadfast in their mission: to turn houses into homes and apartments into personal sanctuaries, each echoing the unique stories and character of the individuals who live there.

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