Kids’ Room Painting Services
Kids’ Room Painting Services
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Kids’ Room Painting Services


Whether you are looking to revamp a single room or planning a full-house transformation, no project is too big or small.

Kid's Room Painting Services


Unleash the Full Potential of Your Kids' Room with Vivid Lux Painting

At Vivid Lux Painting, we understand the pivotal role a child’s room plays in their imagination, creativity, and growth. As a professional Toronto-based painting company, we specialize in transforming these spaces into vibrant canvases of wonder and joy. Our team of skilled professionals shares a common passion for creating beautiful spaces that cultivate a stimulating environment for children. Let us join you in your journey of home transformation with our exceptional kids’ room painting services.

Why Choose Our Kids’ Room Painting Service?

We appreciate the uniqueness of every child and create a personalized painting experience that aligns with their dreams and your vision. Our thorough understanding of color psychology enables us to recommend hues that inspire positivity and creativity in children. Moreover, we offer innovative painting solutions like chalkboard and whiteboard walls and glow-in-the-dark star designs, making the kids’ rooms not just a place to rest but a space for exploration and learning.

Our Comprehensive Kids' Room Painting Process

  • Initial Consultation: We begin by understanding your vision and your child’s preferences.
  • Preparation: Our team prepares the room, ensuring a mess-free painting experience.
  • Application: Using premium-quality, eco-friendly paints, we transform the room into a lively space.

Experience and Coverage Across Toronto and the GTA

Vivid Lux Painting has brought joy to countless homes across various neighborhoods in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Whether it’s the vintage homes in Cabbagetown, the modern condos in Downtown Toronto, family homes in the quiet, tree-lined streets of Richmond Hill, or the bustling suburban residences of Mississauga and Vaughan, our professional painters adapt to various architectural styles and client needs. We proudly share the transformations we have brought about through our kids’ room painting services, one happy child at a time.

Ignite Imagination with Unique Kids' Room Enhancements

At Vivid Lux Painting, we believe in going beyond traditional painting services to offer creative solutions that elevate the charm and uniqueness of your child’s room. We understand that children’s rooms are more than just a space for sleep – they are the launchpad for dreams, creativity, and learning. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of specialized options tailored to spark creativity and imagination in children.

Kids' Wallpaper Choices

Ignite your child's imagination with our expansive collection of kids’ wallpapers. Our Toronto-based team can transform any room with designs ranging from lush jungle scenes to celestial starscapes, elegant floral motifs to contemporary geometric patterns. Whatever your child's taste or room theme, we've got you covered.

Chalkboard Walls

Nurture your child's artistic or academic inclinations with our chalkboard wall services. These walls serve as ever-evolving canvases, ready to capture your child's creativity, learning journeys, and fun-filled activities. Our professional Toronto painters will ensure a smooth, ready-to-draw surface.

Whiteboard Walls

Whiteboard walls are the perfect solution for children who love drawing, scribbling, or solving puzzles. These walls provide a clean, erasable surface for your child's free expression, eliminating worries about permanent marks. Trust Vivid Lux Painting for a top-notch whiteboard wall installation in the GTA.

Glow-in-the-Dark Paint

Illuminate your child's world with our glow-in-the-dark paint designs. From twinkling starry ceilings to playful, whimsical patterns, our glow-in-the-dark elements introduce a sprinkle of magic to any room. Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, we're ready to bring this enchanting touch to your child's space.

Partnering in Your Home Transformation Journey

At Vivid Lux Painting, we understand the emotional significance of a home transformation. We see ourselves as partners in creating safe, stimulating environments that reflect your child’s personality and interests.

Take the First Step with Vivid Lux Painting Ready to turn your child’s room into a vibrant, joyful space? Contact Vivid Lux Painting for a quote today. We are excited to partner with you on this transformative journey and create a space that your child will love. Remember, with Vivid Lux Painting, a world of color and creativity awaits. Your journey starts here.

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color & Tone selection table

Suggested Paint Color
Light, warm tones like beige or cream
Cooler or neutral tones like soft gray or blue
Soft, warm tones like peach or pale yellow for morning warmth; cool tones like lavender for all-day appeal
Warm, rich colors like honey or taupe for evening warmth; cooler tones like sage for all-day appeal